A few words of thanks to the following :-

Cillian O'Briain for getting me started with making reeds, making pipes, and always being supportive at the other end of the phone.

Joe Doyle for his enthusiasm and encouragement when I was setting up.

Lowell Johnson for creating my logo, the Piper in the top left-hand corner of each page.

Pip Nabb-Osbourne for providing the Trio of Faden Pipes photograph that forms the banner on the Testimonials page, which shows Pip, Edwin Spring, and Sarah Malleson performing on their sets of Andy Faden Pipes at the SWAUP annual Tionol in November 2013.

Patrick Dishman for advise on building a website.

To my customers, for buying my instruments, enabling me in 2018 to celebrate 13 years of being in business as a full time pipe maker.

And to anyone else who has given me a hand along the way, that I haven't mentioned by name.