Below is the current pricing for the different components of a set of pipes. Select the items you need, add up the prices, and this will give you the price of the final set.

Price list – 2015-2016

  1. All prices are GBP (British Pounds).

  2. ½, ¾, and Full sets are only available in Concert Pitch (D).

  3. Chanters are available in the keys of D, C Natural, and Eb.

  4. Alternative timbers are sometimes available, please ask for details.

  5. Bags and Bellows are only available with sets of pipes, not as separate items.

  6. Prices for Pipes include handmade cane reeds. Reeds are available separately, at the prices given below.

  7. Full set orders will include a case. Cases are available separately, please ask for details.