Below you'll find some the questions I'm frequently asked. I hope the answers are useful, but if you need more information, please contact me.

Do I need a new set if I upgrade from a practise set to a half or full set?

No – the Uilleann Pipes are a modular instrument. If you've started with a Practise Set, when you decide you are ready for drones, you keep the existing set, and the drones are added to it. The Mainstock Cup ties into your existing bag, and the Mainstock and Drones then plug into this. If you have a Half Set, the stock will be ready to accept the Tenor and Baritone regulators, they just plug straight into the Mainstock.

I have a chanter by another maker, will you make a reed for it?

I don't offer a reedmaking service as such, I only generally make and sell reeds for my pipes. However my reeds do work in some other maker's chanters, with success, for example sets made by Cillian O'Briain, Dave Williams. It's best to contact to me and we can have a conversation.

Do you sell Bags and Bellows separately?

No, these are only available when you order a set of pipes.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. It's best to contact me for the latest status.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, I offer a year's warranty on any new set you buy from me. So for a period of one year I'll fix or repair anything that has failed or come apart. This warranty does not cover reeds, unauthorised modifications, accidental damage or normal wear and tear.

Do you teach reedmaking?

Yes, I'm always keen to encourage someone who wants to learn to make reeds. I teach one to one at my studio, or I host reedmaking workshops for piping clubs.

Do you make Flat Pitch pipes?

I only make a C Natural chanter at the moment. C Natural drones are a possibility but not planned at the time of writing. I have no plans to make chanters or sets in other keys.

Do you do Nickel or Silver plating?

My standard finish for the metalwork is polished bare brass. I can do Nickel plating by special order, and there is an additional cost for this.

Do you provide a case with the pipes?

I recently worked with a well known case maker, Hiscox Cases, to develop a case for the pipes. The result is a very strong, but lightweight case, which offers superb protection, and is very good value. It can be supplied with backpack straps. Please see the price list for details. If you order a Full Set, it will include a case free of charge.